Smart User Experience

Recently I consulted for a company. I have replaced the company’s real name with a fictitious company name called Manta. I just re-worked the homepage top part of the website. But, to give the site a grounded feel it needed it. The original site lacked a call to action (CTA) for a potential client. What’s more, I thought the header navigation was too general and wordy. The homepage image as well was too big and busy. When visiting the site the viewer didn’t see any other content below to scroll to.

The Solution:

I reduced the size of the initial imagery which brought up content and showed this content “above the fold”. I placed a large CTA over the image clearly defining what the company did and buttons offered to provide a selection for the user. Furthermore, I simplified the navigation with better choices that were more relevant to the company objectives and also placed a company phone number in the upper right to offer necessary info.

Smart design continued with adding three choices for the user to engage with below the image. This area had graphics and a large button to access the info easily and to offer a large visual to engage with.

All in all I thought the redesign offered a better experience.