Hi, there!
I'm Mike Sneed.
What can I do for you?

Web Dev

I have been working in Responsive Web Development for several years and have worked for Flying Food Group producing a responsive website with over 35 pages. Responsive Web Design is exciting for me as well as beginning plugin development. I work a lot with WordPress and Bootstrap or Foundation.

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Digital Design

Visuals are so important to any design and I find this medium challenging and exciting. I have been working in design for over nine years. I work primarily with Photoshop and Illustrator but sometimes pencil and paper are the right match for starting out. I find working with digital and natural media is key.

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Product Design

Coming from a busy corporate environment, I worked across different teams to bring design to market. I worked with Rauch Industries, Gemmy Industries and Christopher Radko for over nine years and find Product Design to be a continually evolving market that is challenging and rewarding.

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I have been involved in many creative fields like Fine Art, Product Design and Digital Design. One of my most involved endeavors is Web Design. I enjoy working on responsive design projects. I like making WordPress themes, and mixins with Bootstrap or Foundation. Likewise, I am starting to work on basic plugin development.